Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Am I Strange If......?

Ok, so I didn't really have anything interesting to say/rant/rave about yesterday so I didn't want to waste new post "space"...LOL

Alright, have you ever thought you were the only one who did "something" and a "strange something" at that? A few months ago I was just randomly searching stuff on the net and found a website about this topic "Am I Strange If". I can't remember the actual website and when I Googled it for this post I certainly couldn't find it. Anywho, I'm sure everyone has their weird quirks, although, I think I'm a little bit stranger than alot of people think or know. That's a subject for a whole different, make that blog.
Anywho...I'm on this site because, as most of my family and few close friends know, I'm am truly and deathly afraid of swimming pool drains and/or hot tub drains too. So, I just like to research that fear and prove to everyone, it is a real fear and people have been severely hurt by them and some accidents have resulted in death. And..that's a different post altogether as well.

Ok, so I give life and feelings to inanimate objects. Yes, it can be cute and fun but it makes it that much harder to get rid of stuff. Our first house in Schertz was "housey". For example, "don't forget to lock up housey" or after a vacation "aww housey I missed you!". I was kind of sad to sell our first "housey" but am totally glad I'm here. We've also named our cars. Our first car together was a Buick LeSabre, which was a gem, and HIS name was Binky. He was a good car and now he's with Larry's parents in San Antonio. Our next car, which we have now is a Cadillac SRX and his name is Bobo and he's a great car, never had any trouble with him. And now I'm said because we put him up for sale to get rid of some debt. We also have a 02 BMW and I've named him Beamie.

What's wrong with me? I think it started when I was little and my dad would make my dollies and stuffed animals talk to me. I loved it. He still uses my baby doll, Sara's, voice to talk sometimes.

Anyway, I may not be the only one that does this. It's kind of funny too. Just throwing that out there. Chew on that for awhile.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday, Monday - Just A Little Rant

Ah, Monday. You know, just a few years ago that word stressed me the stress that made your heart beat faster and your armpits sweat. Gross, right? Yeah, gross. You know why? My J-O-B, that's why.

I used to be an automobile claims adjuster. I was the person you would call at your insurance company if you had an accident. I would get all your information and the other car's (or always fun, multiple cars), take a recorded statement regarding the details, discuss your coverages, set you up with a repair facility, set up a rental car (if you had that coverage) and then discuss the claims process. I wore a headset so I NEVER had good hair and the set would just beep and you would take phone calls all stinkin day. You know what topped the cake? I handled claims for all the the Northeast states, so apart from not being able to understand them, they all came with instant attitudes. Yep, I'm categorizing all of them like that. You know why? Because I can. And they (including the other Northeast insurance companies) categorized people in the Southwest as hicks and behind the times. I was talking to this young claims adjuster who worked for Liberty Mutual up in Mass. He asked what I liked to do for fun and I said "oh just ride my horse to work" and the chump believed me..I finally had to say "no, I was just kidding". Sorry the U.S. doesn't revolve around clam chowder, lobster, hockey and saying "EH!"

Mondays, along with days after holidays, were the worst. Phone calls all day long...arguments with your insured, the other party, tow companies, insurance companies, repair facilities, etc, etc. Kill me. And don't get me started on how many people thought they could drive in blizzards. Good grief, winter was the worst. I can't remember how many times in the beginning that I came home crying. But you know what? After about a year, I grew tougher and eventually it got better. And the job has turned me into the extremely bitter, rude person I am today. LOL.

Don't get me wrong, I loved working from 8 to 4:30, with a 55 minute lunch, weekends off, major holidays off and when Larry started working at this place we had weekends and evenings off they had 2 amazing gift shops, awesome cafeterias-Chick-Fil-A, Wendy's, Subway, Mi Tierra and most importantly 2 or 3 Starbucks...and we're not just talking about a couple of coffee carafe's brewing Starbucks, I'm talking full on, full menu, "would you like a pastry with that?", "hey I bought 6 Starbucks coffee mugs", Starbucks. I had it once a day, every day...sometimes twice a day. But alas, none compared to the stress.

I'm glad I love my family over great benefits and pay. I'm so glad we're here to be with my family and watch the kids grow and be more a part of their lives. We also can't wait to raise our little family here.

I am so thankful for my job here. My coworkers are a hoot and my boss is amazing! I work 8-5 Monday through Friday. Plus, no headset and no taking 50+ phone calls a day. Of course there's no Starbucks in Duncan but those drinks are like a million calories anyway.


Sunday, January 17, 2010


I love going to church! I love the fellowship, the worship, and getting to be with my's also a treat to see old friends!

My dad is my Sunday School teacher and we're studying a book called "Heaven" by Randy Alcorn. It's pretty interesting even though alot of it is over my head. What a day that will be though!


On another note, while my husband is busy being the closing manager at the restaurant tonight, I'm enjoying a quiet evening at home. Sometimes I get lonely and my imagination gets the best of me and I think I start hearing strange noises. Our fabulous dog Princess is here to keep me company though. I should enjoy these evenings to have to myself (as much as I miss spending time with my husband, such is the hospitality business), for I know one day I will not have this quiet time to do whatever I want whenever I want. This time allows me to think about the future. I think I'm still at the place where I'm not sure that I want a baby just yet. I mean, I want a baby, just not right now...only sometimes right know what I mean? I have already picked everything out that I want (let's hope it's still in style) and the names. I am going to be perfectly honest with you...I need to lose weight first. Some of you that have known me for while knows that I have had issues with this. I was overweight in highschool up to the summer going into my senior year when I got into volleyball and weight watchers and the pounds dropped big time. My first two years of college I was super thin...when I moved in with my girls my sophomore year alot of the reason I was thin is because I sometimes didn't have my own groceries to I didn't eat alot until I met Larry and he took me out to dinner or cooked me dinner...LOL. Anyway, since then I put on the pounds and let me tell you, it's embarrassing. I currently have a membership at a local gym with a personal trainer and she is amazing! I have lost some weight and inches since September, but just like everyone on the weight loss journey you want to lose the weight...well, yesterday! I told my trainer, Dawn, that I'm missing out on some great trends...skinny jeans, leggings, wearing tall boots over jeans or leggings, bikinis, ha ha ha!

Shopping is sometimes a rollercoaster. I want it to be like the old days where a large was too big and a medium fit perfectly, or being able to walk into any store and find something that fit..and not in the plus size section. I want to lose the weight for alot of reasons.
(In no particular order)
First- I want to lose it for my husband. Why? My husband is so great to me, he is an amazing man and he deserves a hot wife. I want to make him proud, I want him to show me off.
Second- I want to lose it to be healthy. Being overweight is not healthy. I know being pregnant you pack on the would be horrendous for me to be pregnant right now...just plain gross.
Third- I want to lose it for me. I want to be comfortable, I want to be able to be happy when I shop and not depressed in a dressing room.

I told Larry if I lost all of this weight that I might want to stay thin for a while..maybe I won't want a baby right away, maybe I want to revel in my fantastic thinness.

Just some stuff to think about....

We'll try and see how long this blogging once a day continues.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Year - New Blog

So this new blog has all spawned from how much I loved writing a "year in review" note on Facebook. I forgot how much I love to write!

Alot of things have happened since last year and I'm sure many more new things are to come in 2010. Right now it's just the two of us, Larry and me, enjoying life.

I guess I could introduce us to all of you readers. I am 26, grew up in Duncan, Oklahoma and graduated from OSU in 2006 with a bachelor's degree in Hotel & Restaurant Administration. My husband, Larry is 30 and grew up in San Antonio, Texas and also graduated from OSU with a bachelor's degree in Hotel & Restaurant Administration. After a few years of dating, Larry popped the question, I said "yes" and we got hitched June 10th, 2006. After we graduated from OSU we decided to move back to Larry's hometown(city?!) of San Antonio. Two fabulous years flew by and we decided to move back to my hometown of Duncan in June of 2009. That brings us to present day.

Come June of this year, we'll have been married 4 wonderful years. We've been talking more and more of expanding our duo and have decided we need to get some things in order first. So, for all you hopefuls maybe we'll have a little bambino in the next year or so! It's crazy how many long hours I spend on the Babies R Us website as well as Pottery Barn Baby. I've pretty muched picked everything out that I want for a boy and a girl! I've also got names picked out too! Hopefully all the stuff I've picked out will still be in style by the time we have a little Jackson!

So, in the past year we quit our jobs, moved all our stuff to Duncan, sold our home in Texas in 2 weeks!!, got new jobs and bought another house. Pretty eventful year if you ask me, so I have high expectations for 2010.