Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Blaze of Glory

Ok, so this post is about traveling..more specific would be a "method" of traveling, which is flying. Recently, a day ago, Larry and I made a small, quick trip back down to SA. We drove our Beamer down there to sell it and were going to fly back to OKC. I have a love-hate relationship with flying. It's definitely the fastest method of travel and said to be the safest. Well, I beg to differ. I pretty much have an invisible panic attack right when taking off and then every time we hit turbulence. I always try to think of weird ways to calm myself down. I usually squeeze Larry's leg or hand with one of my hands and then grip the seatbelt with my other hand until it's shaking or my knuckles are white and mentally, I'm pretty much a loon. Let's discuss that further. Let's see, when taking off I pray like a wild person (quietly inside my head) and then once we're in the air I always sing to myself "Let's Go Fly a Kite" the classic from Mary Poppins. Why? I don't know. I just always do. This last time I was hearing that song in my head and "Blaze of Glory" by Bon Jovi. I was like shut up Bon Jovi, just shut up! I do NOT want to go "down in a blaze of glory" 50,000 feet in the air! Talk about psyching yourself up. Usually I can keep myself occupied by talking to Larry, reading the "Sky Mall" catalog, watching a movie, listening to music(Continental is the best) or getting waaay excited about our destination...when it's Disney World. Usually on the flights to Orlando I'm totally excited and don't even care.
I'm always afraid we'll crash or get hijacked. C'mon you can't be reading this post and tell me you haven't checked out all the people on your flight. You know, who's the terrorist, who's going to take charge, yadda yadda yadda. I'm not going to lie, I totally think those things. Hey, it's 2010 people and in the words of Peter Griffin from Family Guy "9/11 changed everything". I was even telling Larry that I would love to take a vacation to Hawaii but I couldn't handle the flight time. I just now went to to look at the flight times, and grant it, they all had layovers, all of them were over 10 hours. Do you know how stressed and how sweaty my armpits would be? Ridiculous!
What I do like about flying is that it's fast, normally a 1 or 2 day drive to Orlando is like 5 hours! And who wants to wait when you're going to Disney?!
Anyway, that's my relationship with flying.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Welcome Back Home

Well, I wanted it and I got it. I love getting what I want by the way. I enjoyed living in San Antonio, as far as food and entertainment go, it blows Duncan and Oklahoma out of the water! You want rollercoasters? How about Fiesta Texas? You want Shamu? Try SeaWorld (only 3 in the world). Riverwalk? Well you could go to the lame excuse for one in OKC but it's NEVER going to beat the original. And don't get me started on food and restaurants..and did I forget shopping? No way! La Cantera is awesome! Coach, Tiffany's, Anthropologie, Apple, BCBG Max Azria, Vera Bradley, American Apparel (sigh,I totally miss that store)...and tons others. All in an "open air" shopping center. But the weather down there is ridiculous. Growing up in Oklahoma, December meant cold, Christmas meant snow (usually), Spring meant thunderstorms and tornados. Not there. Christmas Eve 2008 was spent all day at work (versus only till noon here)with stupid people yelling at you like usual, and then looking at Christmas lights with windows rolled down in 60-70 degree weather. Bummer. So I was totally stoked when we got a stinkin blizzard for our first Christmas back! It was like we were making up for 2 Christmases lost.

Then came the ice. I like ice, it can be pretty until it lands on a tree limb and almost crushes your chiminea. Thank goodness it didn't. Santa picked that out for Larry! Oh and did I mention the power outage? I think we lost ours from Thursday to Sunday. I'm not sure because Friday after I helped out at work until about 1:00 we headed out to Frisco to stay with the Aunt and Uncle. We had so much fun spending time with the family but didn't love that the electricity was out back in Duncan. I was just telling Larry that I can't imagine having a bitty baby to care of during that time. I think I might have been stressed out. I can't believe there are still families going on 7 or 8 days without power and with bitty babies!

There was talk from the Farmer's Almanac that we're supposed to get another bad winter storm around February and March? I just went to the website and it said for February 16th-19th. Stormy. 20th-23rd. Snowstorm, with 5"-10" inches possible. Heaviest in Oklahoma. Hmm...could be interesting. I'll let you know if I find anything else out.

Speaking of babies...I think I want one!