Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 2- My Favorite Movie

I have alot of favorite movies, all in different genres of course! But if I had to pick 1 and only 1 it would be 1985's "Legend" starring a young Tom Cruise, Mia Sara, and Tim Curry. I'm not sure if EVERY little girl wants to be a princess and have her prince save her, especially in today's world...but this little girl did!

If you like classic fantasy type movies, this movie is Grade A and has it all! A princess, a prince, unicorns, fairies, goblins, and a scary demon...not to mention a fantastic soundtrack and yes, I own that as well as the special 2 disc edition dvd. This movie was directed by Ridley Scott, who also directed Blade Runner, Alien, Black Hawk Down, Kingdom of Heaven, and American Gangster to name a few. I'm not sure he or any of the actors are proud of this movie now, but I'm so glad it was made!

Here's a somewhat brief synopsis: Princess Lily (Mia Sara) is in love with Jack (Tom Cruise). Darkness (Tim Curry) wants to kill the last unicorns so he can rule the earth. Unicorns are attracted only to the pure so, naturally, they're attracted to Lily. Jack takes her to see the unicorns and while she is touching one (against Jack's better judgement)the unicorn is vulnerable and Darkness's minions shoot a poison arrow into it. The sky suddenly turns black and winter falls upon the land. The minions chop off one of the unicorn's horns, takes the other unicorn and takes Lily to Darkness's castle where he plans to turn Lily evil, marry her and kill the other unicorn. All the while, Jack and his dwarf & fairy friends prepare to save the unicorn and Lily. They go into the castle, kill some bad guys,let in sunlight which blasts Darkness into space, save the unicorn, reconnect the other unicorn's horn, and kisses Princess Lily to wake her up from a spell Darkness put her under. The last scene you see Lily and Jack on the other side of a valley waving goodbye to their fairy, dwarf and unicorn friends...the screen fades to black, the music starts playing, then you see Darkness's face laughing.