Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August is my Catch Up Post!

So, I started this blog to post monthly. Yeah, we all see how that's gone! Anyway, I'm here to play catch up.

Ok, I can't remember If I put it on here but I got my hair cut off a few months back. Not a trim, we're talking "cut"! 19 1/2 inches to be exact. It was time for a change. My hair is super thick and it was heavy! So I decided to donate it to "Locks of Love". I even got a thank you postcard back from them. I loved doing it, it really made me feel good.

Larry is no longer with Golden Corral here in Duncan. He's moved on to bigger and better things with a company called Ecolab.

His title is "Hospitality Territory Manger" or HTM for short. He has a list of about 100 hotels/nursing homes/schools/hospitals in the Oklahoma City area (Norman, Moore, OKC) that he travels to, sells products and troubleshoots facility equipment like washers, dryers, pH levels in pools and spas, etc. His company has been gracious to allow us to live in Duncan while he commutes to the city. He's been provided a company car, gas stipend, laptop/tablet, tons of products and tools. With his personality he's going to really succeed in his job. We're both really excited!

On a negative note, I've let my working out routine suck. I haven't gained but I haven't lost...I've totally plateaued! Boo! Oh well, I'm getting back into it slowly.

No babies yet :) However, I did purchase a Vera Bradley diaper bag. No worries, it's not really this tiny, LOL!

I found out they were discontinuing my pattern "Calypso". All of it is on sale and I just knew this was the diaper bag for me. So I bought it. Larry had no idea until the Fed Ex guy dropped it off after work! He saw the white Vera box and said "did you buy a purse?" and I said "well, it could be used as a purse!". He didn't freak or anything, he just said "that's cool, by the time we have kids you won't need diaper bags". Great. We'll get there some day. I guess. Slim chance. Don't hold your breath.

Right now we're just waiting to book our annual Jackson Family Disney World Vacation. By "family" I mean just him and me :) Can't wait! We're planning on going December 5th-11th as opposed to the past two years going the second week in November. Probably won't be too different though. By the time we get there, they've already decorated for Christmas and playing Christmas music. I love it! I can't imagine going in the summer. Yuck! Talk about irritating! Anyway, it's going to be great!

Summer is almost over. I can't wait for the crisp fall air, leaves changing color, hot cider, pumpkin spice candles, football & fireplaces. Sign me up!




  1. Loved it Tara! I enjoyed reading every word! I am envious of your "annual family Disney vacation". I'll be happy if I ever get to go just once! (I'll even take the summer months if I have to! :o) Although I agree..Christmas time sounds BLISSFUL! I bet it's not even too cold either!?!?
    Your hair is adorable and I'm SO HAPPY to hear Larry is loving his new job. He does have quite the personality! Makes me feel like I've known him forever.
    The diaper bag...you are hilarious with your comment about it not being that small! HAHAHA
    I love it that you're thinking ahead and buying up your favorite pattern now! Smarty pants! So..this baby thing...I guess that means you are actively trying. I wasn't sure.

    The working out thing. Girlie...we all need a break from it every now and then. If you're like me, we've had our break and now we're ready to BREAK the scale because it's not moving (or in my case, going in the WRONG direction)...but the KEY is to get back on the wagon and it sounds like we're both making steps toward that. If I can help you any---or help hold you accountable, just let me know! I am about to start blogging again what I'm eating and what workouts I'm doing. I know it's boring reading...but at least it makes me be honest about what I ate and what I did as far as exercise. It's so embarrassing to say I ate half a cake and didn't work out to the whole world. :o)

    Anyway, glad you updated! hope maybe you won't wait so long in between this time!
    I'm signing up for Fall too! :o)

  2. Jen! I love your blog and I do not think that it's boring! I love hearing about the joys and more harder stuff you deal with. You're such a great mom, wife, and sister in law :) It's nice to know what you're going through some times even though you have some challenges.

    The last few years we've gone to Disney in November, the temperature has been so nice. Tee shirt in the day time, maybe a light jacket at night. I hope you guys get to go sometime. I'm such a kid at heart, I'm not lying that I have cried both times we've gone. It sounds gay but it IS such a magical place.

    I would love some advice on how to get my calves in shape...it's like I have "elephantitis" of the legs! I really do not like them. I'll take my pudgy tummy and flabby arms but I absolutely do NOT know what to do with my calves!

    You're looking great by the way, just fabulous!!!!