Monday, September 20, 2010

My Birthday

This is a Disney World "It's My Birthday" button...we're not going on my birthday BUT we are going December 5th-11th!

Ok, I haven't been on here a while, just the same old line! So anyway, my 27th birthday has come and gone. Larry hadn't gotten me anything yet, even though I told him I didn't want anything this year. We had been talking about wanting to go to Disney World again this year. So the Saturday after my birthday, Larry said I have your gift but you have to close your eyes and hold out your hands. So, I said "ok" and closed my eyes and held out my hands. I then felt something kind of heavy in them, so I opened them and it was a "Birnbaum's Guide to Walt Disney World 2010". I loved it, it's our "tradition" to buy one every year since we first went in 2008. He then told me he booked our trip for Disney on Friday and I had no idea! It's our family vacation this year and I'm so excited! We booked our dinner reservations that night too! I was totally surprised! In case you haven't seen my Facebook, I have started a count down and we're at 76 days!

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